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‘Connecting Each Other’, E-UM THE PLACE

E-UM THE PLACE is a private hanok gallery established to connect the dignity of tradition, the beauty of present, and future values.  Located in Samcheong-dong, E-UM THE PLACE was built in 1908 in an area of about 280 pyeong to appreciate the unique style of hanok and artworks. As Gyeongbokgung, the old palace of Korea, spreads in the garden, it is a space of contemplation that helps forget the intense city life with the gentle sound of scenery from tranquility. As a bridge connecting the tradition, present, and future value, this attractive space is becoming a cultural hub that maintains the unique sentiment of Korea while flexibly expressing modern art of various genres.

‘Twist’, ‘Rest’, and ‘Harmony

The harmony of space and time with dramatic twists and rest is the architectural beauty E-UM THE PLACE has.

A Story that Space Holds

The building structure of E-UM consists of two independence spaces, the main building and the annex, and 5 gardens are connecting the space around the main garden. Amusingly, the spatial flexibility has enabled the inside of the big annex to be seen even in the main building, the annex can be seen while sitting in the main building, and even the main building through the annex and outside scenery can be watched by opening the window of small garden. The space has highlighted as much as possible, the original characteristics of hanok that has thick and strong expressions rather than artificial small techniques. At the same time, it holds the modesty and refinement by widely spreading the pond that boasts the beautiful scene of wind and water flow. Garrets and ondol were installed differently in each space inside the building to fully feel the changes of nature and the atmosphere of seasons, and trees, stones, and soil were arranged contrastingly and yet harmoniously to feel stability from natural properties. Also, the fun twists met on the way from the main building entered by opening the main gate are architectural attempt to express curves and straight lines in the same place, and these fun elements are hidden throughout the entire building.

The prime of hanok lies in ‘appropriative landscape’ (borrowing the nature and surrounding landscape to add to the scenery of space’, because the harmony of buildings and nature is the core of hanok and is the philosophical basis of Korean art.  E-UM THE PLACE is one of the places fully maintaining the essence of the beauty of hanok that is being lost. Likewise, E-UM THE PLACE is the place that evenly holds the wisdom and wit of ancestors and thus creates a harmony of history, culture, nature, and even humans rather than buildings as an artwork.


Unlike regular white cube gallery, E-UM THE PLACE has strived to design the most Korean and yet global gallery at the same time through the challenge of connecting hanok and art. ‘E-um Exhibition’, which is held only once a year (Biennale), presented <Eight Horses> by ‘Li Jing Ge’ (Chinese artist) who won fame as an artist displayed in the Louvre Museum of Paris, France, Ik-joong Kang, a world-renowned installation artist known for <Moon on Gwanghwamun>, deceased Geol Kim (Monghew) who is regarded as a great maestro of lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl, as well as the artworks of Jeong-min Seo who reflects the beauty of Korea on traditional Korean paper as a series of young artists.

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